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I am a Benedictine monk at St. Gregory's Abbey in Three Rivers, Michigan. Although most Benedictine monasteries are in the Roman Catholic Church, our monastery is in the Episcopal Church. It happens that at the present time, I am the abbot of the community, which means the community runs me more than I run it. I have also worked in our vegetable garden and served as guest master. As a lover of books, I am in charge of the abbey's library. Other favorite hobbies include the study of music and writing fantasy stories. If you wish to learn more about St. Gregory's Abbey, please visit our website. I also have some articles posted there.
Prayer: Light Resting in the Darkness

The Sacred Victim Vindicated: a Spirituality of Peace

    Searching the Scriptures for Peace       

               Girard and Spiritualtity  Two new essays 4/29/10

Musical Musings: a Spirituality of Music 

    Composers' Corner: Particular Musical Visions

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If you wish to follow a more oblique approach to spirituality via the world we never knew, please visit my website Holy Dragons, Holy Unicorns where I have posted numerous stories
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